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Let’s see how long I can manage my own website

Me hosting the 2021 UP SLIS Recognition Rites via Zoom (the set-up and the shot) Me hosting the 2021 UP SLIS Recognition Rites via Zoom (the set-up and the shot)

Just trying out this Academic Template from Wowchemy for my personal website. I am recently fascinated with static site generators like Jekyll and Hugo (which is the one used by Wowchemy) and the workflow of combining GitHub and Netlify –things that are very new to me but should have learned a few years back.

Anyway, welcome to my new website. I will be posting here my projects, research, and anything about LIS and my interests. I will endeavor to post as much as I can, but I know deep down that such posts will be few and far in between. Nevertheless, I will try to keep this website up for as long as I can and I feel that this Academic template from Wowchemy best fits what I envision for my career.

Speaking of career, I started teaching formally in the academe in 2019, right after I finished my master’s degree. I am very fortunate to have a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor (I know that in most Western countries, such a position will require a Ph.D. and lots of connections and luck). I for one do not have a Ph.D., yet, but am seriously considering applying in the near future. I am just beginning to find my niche in the Library and Information Science field by doing some projects and self-funded (or friend-funded) research and I hope to further my research experience worthy of a Ph.D. (and also because I see myself growing old and dying in the academe).

The academe isn’t perfect and has had many epistemic challenges when the pandemic started. There are many moments last year when I really felt like leaving the academe, but the support from my colleagues and the university was enough to make me feel grateful that I am in this position. But of course, mine is a biased take, there are many stories of people leaving the academe and becoming successful in their respective careers. I guess what I am saying is that I am happy where I am right now and I hope to stay and grow with the university for the many years to come.

Paul Jason Perez
Paul Jason Perez
Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor at the UP School of Library and Information Studies